Predictive Strategies


Recall Services
Predictive Strategies, a leader in recall management for the automotive industry, consistently achieves near-perfect completion rates in managing automotive recalls. Their process begins with thorough data procurement and management, analyzing extensive information to pinpoint the affected demographic, followed by devising tailored campaign strategies and creating impactful communication materials. The effectiveness is amplified through multi-channel outreach and contact center support, ensuring thorough reach and customer engagement, complemented by comprehensive reporting and efficient appointment setting. This approach is rounded off with follow-up reminders, cementing Predictive Strategies’ reputation as a provider of seamless, effective, and customer-focused recall management solutions.
Lead Generation
In today’s competitive automotive market, the key to dealership success lies not just in reaching potential customers but in connecting with those genuinely interested in purchasing a vehicle through highly personalized messaging, a niche filled by Predictive Strategies’ Lead Generation Services. These services excel in singling out consumers actively seeking new or used vehicles, using advanced data analytics and digital marketing strategies to craft highly personalized communications that resonate with a specific audience. This targeted approach goes beyond mere identification; it involves nurturing potential buyers with custom-tailored content and interactions, thereby significantly enhancing the likelihood of a sale and building a foundation of loyalty and trust towards the dealership.
Test Drive & Service Appointment Setting
Predictive Strategies excels in scheduling automotive test drives and service appointments by using personalized messaging and modern communication methods, enhancing both effectiveness and customer experience. Our strategy hinges on highly individualized messages based on consumer data and behavior analysis, resulting in campaigns that are relevant and engaging, prompting actions like booking test drives or service appointments. This approach is amplified through multi-channel outreach across digital platforms like email, social media, and texts, broadening reach and engagement. Additionally, we integrate user-friendly appointment scheduling tools, streamlining the booking process for consumers and boosting efficiency for dealerships, leading to increased customer satisfaction and engagement rates.
Customer Retention
Predictive Strategies enhances automotive customer retention and lifecycle management by delivering highly personalized messaging tailored to each customer’s unique journey. By meticulously analyzing customer data, including purchase history and preferences, they craft customized communications for different stages of the customer lifecycle, such as post-purchase, service reminders, and lease renewals. This approach not only reinforces customer loyalty but also strategically targets key moments for engagement, ensuring that the dealership remains top of mind. The result is a more connected and satisfying customer experience, fostering repeat business and a loyal customer base through messages that resonate personally and arrive at just the right time.
Mystery Shopping
Gain valuable insights into your customer experience. Through Mystery Shopping, Predictive Strategies provides a detailed competitive analysis of your business and plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring continued business growth. We score and assess each interaction and provide actionable corrective action plans for your team.
Automate Service Reminders
With Predictive Strategies’ Appointment Reminder Service, reduce missed appointments and optimize bay usage, leading to an increase in revenue.