Predictive Strategies


Campaign Attribution
Predictive Strategies employs advanced analytics for campaign attribution, tracking the customer journey across channels to identify which marketing efforts most significantly influence sales or conversions. This data-driven approach helps businesses optimize their marketing strategies for improved results.
Performance Visualization
Predictive Strategies uses advanced data visualization tools to turn complex marketing data into clear, intuitive visual formats like graphs and dashboards, allowing businesses to easily understand performance metrics and trends for informed decision-making.
Media Services
Predictive Strategies offers a comprehensive range of media services, encompassing TV, radio, streaming, billboard, and digital platforms. We specialize in strategizing and executing targeted media campaigns across these diverse channels, leveraging data-driven insights to optimize reach and impact for each specific medium. This holistic approach ensures that clients can effectively engage their audience through the most suitable platforms, maximizing the effectiveness of their advertising efforts.
Outsource BDC
Predictive Strategies provides outsourced business development services by offering a team of skilled representatives who act as an extension of a dealer’s sales force. From inbound to outbound calls, text message engagements to web chats, we provide a comprehensive solution.
Data Management
Predictive Strategies enhances its Data Management, Data Hygiene, and Consumer Segmentation services with personalized scoring strategies, ensuring precision and relevance. We meticulously organize and cleanse data, forming the basis for effective consumer segmentation by analyzing behavioral patterns, preferences, and demographics to create detailed consumer profiles. These profiles are integral to their personalized scoring strategies, where consumers are scored based on potential value or engagement likelihood, aiding businesses in targeted marketing and sales efforts. Additionally, Predictive Strategies incorporates data appends from numerous of sources, enriching consumer profiles with extensive, multi-dimensional data for even more accurate targeting and analysis.
License Plate Recognition
Predictive Strategies provides advanced license plate recognition services, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to accurately capture and analyze license plate data and also provide customized notifications to the driver of the vehicle. This technology is particularly useful in understanding the location of vehicles, enabling us to assess which addresses in our systems are most likely associated with the current drivers of the vehicles. Not only is location information made available, but the driver of the vehicle is notified with personalized communication left behind on the vehicle. Having the ability to alert a driver of a vehicle with pertinent information, such as the notification of a recall, allows the OEM or dealer to have comfort in knowing the person in possession of the vehicle has been notified of the issue.
Campaign Strategy
In our campaign strategy services, we emphasize personalized messaging and AI-driven drip strategies to maximize response rates. We begin by deeply understanding our client’s goals and target audience, then utilize AI analytics to craft and deliver highly personalized messages that resonate on an individual level. Our sophisticated drip campaigns are carefully timed and adapted using AI, ensuring each message is impactful and relevant, thus significantly enhancing engagement. This tailored approach, backed by real-time performance tracking and adaptation, ensures our strategies are highly effective, driving maximum response and ROI for our clients.
Creative Development
We focus on creative development, using our creative expertise to design communication materials that resonate with your target audience. We start by understanding your brand and message, and then create visually appealing and engaging content. Our aim is to produce materials that capture attention and drive action, helping you achieve your marketing goals effectively.
Data Procurement/Appends
We specialize in data procurement and data appends, leveraging a vast network of sources to enrich your dataset. We actively gather extensive information, pulling from a wide array of reputable sources to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of your data. Our approach involves continually updating and appending data, ensuring that your information remains current and relevant. With our data services, we provide you with a robust dataset that empowers your decision-making and enhances the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.