Testing and Optimization

Data never sleeps! Campaign data and A/B test results are continuously collected throughout the life of the campaign for real-time learning and optimization.  Here, we reapply lessons to the model and begin the process again, each time getting more and more informed.

Multi-channel Outreach

Now that we know who we are talking to and how we need to talk to them, we begin planning our multi-channel outreach strategy. Our experience is well-rounded to include all aspects preferred by various segments including direct mail, digital media, mass media, social media, PR, influencer marketing, email and..Read More

Customer Journey Mapping

Now that we know the who we are talking to within each segment, we can begin developing how we can most effectively communicate by developing customer journeys.  A customer journey map documents the expected start to finish buying process of a customer from discovering a need, to completing an action, all..Read More


Scoring models allow us to segment the data into manageable groups of people that have similar patterns such as buyer behaviors and demographics. By segmenting the data we can prioritize groups likely to take a desired action or, message differently based on various aspects such as location, lifestyle, and behaviors.

Analytics and Scoring

Strategy is only as good as the analytics behind it.  Once the models are developed, we draw conclusions about the information in the predictive models and apply scoring.  Our scoring model allows us to individually identify key criteria and assign different values to characteristics. Criteria used to calculate a score..Read More

Data Aggregation and Predictive Modeling

The first step of our process is to aggregate data using first-party data and appended third-party data sources.  Once data is aggregated and appended, a predictive model uses this data to make predictions about future outcomes. This is done by analyzing the data to understand patterns associated with past outcomes..Read More