About Us

Changing behaviors to benefit lives.

Outcome-based; behavioral marketing is our passion. We are a team of passionate creators, innovators, and data-obsessed analyzers working together for one common mission: to inspire and motivate action.

Our Mission:

To motivate action in unresponsive customers when an action can benefit or save lives.

We started our journey to Predictive Strategies with a challenge.  Get unresponsive customers to take action and repair an urgent vehicle recall. The clock was ticking, the longer this recall was outstanding, the more dangerous it could become. The issue?  These vehicle owners were aware of the recall but after years of outreach, they were still not repairing.

We needed to shift the mindset of these customers to motivate action.

We got to work.  

By applying our deep knowledge of predictive analytics and marketing, we started with the data. With first-party data appended to third-party sources, we can cluster and classify consumers according to demographics, purchasing behavior, experiences, and more. With rigorous tests across multiple channels and segments, we uncover consumer attributes & behaviors to determine the best messages, imagery, channels, cadence, personalization, and incentives that influence action.   

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